Bay Villas Dubai Islands by Nakheel

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Bay Villas: Discover Elysian Living on Dubai Islands


Start an amazing adventure into a world of luxury and beautiful nature with our special housing project on Dubai Islands. Living on Island B means being surrounded by beaches you can swim in, a walkway by the water in the park, and lots of green areas. It’s like living in a fantastic resort on an island that’s in tune with nature. Enjoy life on the island close to the city but feeling like you’re in a different world. The Island B plan includes a one-of-a-kind community to live in, beach resorts, and places to park boats.

Bay Villas marks the beginning of luxury living on Island B. It’s a special idea that brings together nature’s beauty and fancy features to make living feel like being in a resort. With fewer houses around, you get to choose from five different types of homes, all along a 1.3-kilometer beach and a 1.3-kilometer walkway by the water. Positioned along the prestigious promenade by the shore, our Villas give a whole new meaning to living stylishly, offering a beautiful place to live with stunning water views. Each home represents a different way of living. Bay Villas welcomes you to pick the home that suits your lifestyle and the kind of natural setting and community you want.


Permit Number : 2063257042

Nakeel Bay Villas

These spacious villas range from 506 to 595 square meters. Bay Villas presents an array of garden villas, offering six unique types to cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles. Type A boasts a 4-bedroom layout characterized by a play of light and texture, featuring a light-toned facade and stone cladding. Privacy takes center stage in Type B, another 4-bedroom villa, with minimized windows creating a sheltered ambiance. Type C, also a 4-bedroom option, showcases a bold white base supporting a first floor adorned with vertical louvers for shade and aesthetics. Type D stands out with its elegant design, offering spacious interiors bathed in natural light and an artfully placed entrance leading to a double-height lobby. Type E, a symmetrical G+1 villa, features a sophisticated garden theme with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living. Finally, Type F presents a visually alluring 5-bedroom villa with a transparent base and a harmonious design for indulgent waterfront living.

Our Waterfront Villas, spanning from 622 to 750 square meters, redefine luxury living with their opulent design. Each villa, featuring 5 bedrooms and a prime location along the prestigious shorefront promenade, epitomizes elegance and sophistication. Among the five types available, Type A offers open living spaces with waterfront views, while Type B greets you with a captivating double-height space and private balconies for each bedroom. Type C seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic terraces, while Type D impresses with interconnected terraces and a dedicated master bedroom floor. Finally, Type F exudes modern beauty with its clean lines and integrated parking spaces, providing refined living for residents and guests alike.

Our semi-detached villas, ranging from 354 to 396 square meters, offer a new standard of contemporary living nestled along the vibrant park of the central greenway. Among the four types available, Type A showcases a graceful design with wood-clad garage sides contrasting lighter brick or stone facades. Featuring 3 bedrooms and luxurious ensuite bathrooms, it includes laundry facilities, a maid’s room, and parking. Type B presents the same room options in a different layout, ensuring each home is a private sanctuary while extending into shared lawn spaces for a communal feel. Type C elegantly divides two properties to maintain privacy and light, while Type D introduces an added touch of luxury with a rooftop terrace, providing panoramic views for an elevated living experience. Welcome to a harmonious blend of privacy, tranquility, and panoramic vistas in your semi-detached home.


Our stylish townhouses, ranging from 316 to 371 square meters, redefine modern living against the scenic backdrop of the west side waterfront zone. Positioned strategically between the central greenway and the quayside zone, these residences offer a choice between sophisticated 4-bedroom corner homes or stylish 3-bedroom middle homes, with options for either a 4-residence or 6-residence complex, both featuring G+1 structures and parking facilities. Type A in the 4 Plex layout showcases a bold design with solid white lines, floor-to-ceiling windows, and dark wooden panels, while Type B creates a striking contrast with its dark/light design and elongated, flat roof. In the 6 Plex layout, Type A elegantly arranges four-bedroom end residences alongside three-bedroom middle residences, while Type B emphasizes simple elegance with floor-to-ceiling windows and vertical square columns ensuring privacy for each residence.

Dubai Islands is a special place where you can see and feel the timeless beauty that shaped this area. These unique islands cover 18 square kilometers and feature over 50 kilometers of stunning waterfront homes, 20 kilometers of beautiful beaches, 2 kilometers of parks, and a top-notch golf course with views of the Arabian Gulf. Living on Island B means enjoying swimmable beaches, a waterfront park, and lots of green spaces. It’s like living in a luxurious resort that blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings. Island B includes unique residential areas, beach resorts, and marinas, each offering different amenities and services. 

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Bay Villas by Nakheel on Dubai Island offer a variety of floorplans to suit diverse lifestyles and preferences. Each floorplan is meticulously designed to maximize space and functionality, ensuring comfort and convenience for residents. From luxurious 5-bedroom layouts to elegant 3-bedroom designs, there’s a floorplan to match every taste. 


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